Rehab Sleep Tips

Rehab is one of those things that is difficult for everyone and nobody is unaffected. When it comes to rehab, there are a few different things that you need to understand, and that is mainly that when it comes to the people affected, there is little that they can do to help their affliction. All that they can do is hope that they get the support that they need to get through and that people will be there for them after they have completed their my location treatment.

Things that matter

There are interesting books and videos available on this subject and your health center may hold workshops and classes
Allow yourself adequate time and use this time to share a few special moments with your baby While you massage your baby look tenderly at himher Doing this you stimulate all the senses of the baby and establish a more intense visual and tactile communication Feel free to speak to your baby
It is a good idea to put the massage cream or oil on your hands and rub them together so they will be soft and warm and do not shock your baby

Just after massage can be the ideal time to give a last feed for a young baby or a drink andor snack for an older child
Share a bedtime story or chat about your days activities as a further sleep cue As you cuddle up together this can provide some comfort and reassurance to a tired and fractious baby or toddler
Once in their cot or bed a favourite baby comforter or toy may help to settle your child For some a soft night light or luminous shapes may provide further comfort
Gentle music from a CD or mobilecot accessory can be the final sleep cue as your baby drifts into sleep