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Almost all grobag® baby sleeping bags have 100% cotton lining to go next to your baby’s skin. Much of the range also has 100% cotton outer fabric. This means that you can choose a 1.0 tog of a 0.5 tog grobag® baby sleeping bag for your baby which is 100% cotton.

A few of our designs do not have 100% cotton outer fabric. For example, for those who love the softness of polyester fleece, our “Fleecy Bee” design has a soft anti-pill fleece outer and 100% cotton jersey lining.

Our range of 2.5 grobag® baby sleeping bags have a soft polyester filling. This is lightweight and quick to dry.

Our organic range of grobag® baby sleeping bags are made of organic cotton jersey outer and lining. The filling on the 2.5 tog design is 100% cotton.

Zips and poppers are always a chosen from a reputable branded supplier to ensure ongoing quality and safety.


Safety Information

Using your grobag® baby sleeping bag correctly:

  • Use your grobag® baby sleeping bag instead of blankets and sheets
  • Never use your grobag® baby sleeping bag with a duvet or quilt
  • Check that your baby’s head cannot pass through the neck hole when the grobag® baby sleeping bag is fastened for use.
  • Adjust nightwear according to room temperature (you will soon discover the best combination of nightclothes and grobag® baby sleeping bag for your baby’s bedroom). See what to wear page for more information.
  • Keep grobag® baby sleeping bags away from fire
  • If your baby shares your bed, make sure they are only in a grobag® baby sleeping bag and not under your own bedding as well
  • Remember to check your baby regularly